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Watch this space - Plan to support Families and Children with Disability Campaign during the Lent Term 2021

We will be partnering with Stowe School and the Buckinghamshire Councils Children's and Young Adults Disability Team, during the Lent-Term to raise funds to support families and children with disabilities who are struggling financially.  Our aim will be to help create  happy family memories by helping purchase  sensory play  toys and other urgently needed equipment. We will be adding a donation button when the campaign is launched. All donations will made from this campaign will go to support families in Buckinghamshire with Disabilities.

Supporting Families with Disabilities in Buckinghamshire

  • Within Buckinghamshire c.3.1% of children and young people have an additional need or disability. National research has estimated 3.0-5.4% so potentially another 2.3%. This equates to between 3300 and 5850 Children
  • 37K households living in poverty (20%) – 25K of these are in persistent poverty
  • A typical sensory toy costs between £200 and £300 and many families struggling today can not afford this.
Sensory play helps children with disabilities in many ways to live a fuller and happier life. Most of our learning comes through our ability to use our senses to retain information. Sensory play is not just about having fun. It is about learning in a fun way. A sensory toy for a child with disability typically cost £200-300. 

Pupils from Stowe School will participate in an Easter Fun Day, which includes a range of activities such as an Easter Treasure Hunt, a Creme Egg and Spoon Race and a Colour Paint Party. They will also have the opportunity to purchase Easter cakes and biscuits. To participate in the event, pupils will donate funds to this charitable cause.

If you would like to donate in addition to the activities above, we will add a donation button when the campaign is launched. All donations from this campaign link will go to support Children with Disabilities in Buckinghamshire.