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The Getaway Foundation

Helping Families Make Happy Memories

About us

Our founders' childhood memories are based upon happy family holidays.  Many families today do not get the chance to create these memories, with over 2.17m families unable to afford a holiday. 

Poverty is one of the biggest issues impacting families today in the UK with 2.1m children in poverty. We want to help some of them create happy family memories through holidays.

We were founded in January 2020 to benefit families in poverty and create positive memories through holidays. We are focused initially on helping families in Buckinghamshire and the  Isle of Wight working with local support services and child services to identify families to support.

We are also supporting families in poverty impacted by Coronavirus

Family Referals

We are a new charity. We plan to launch in March 2020. We work with local family supporters who refer families to us base upon our referal criteria. If you are interested in becoming a family supporter, please contact us

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The Getaway Foundation takes the use of personal data seriously. We only use the data we gather to enable us to deliver our charity purpose. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use document below

Who we help

We help families who are struggling due to poverty and who have not been on holiday for at least 3 years. We work with family supporters to identify families who would benefit from our support in Bucks and the Isle of Wight

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