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Heart of Bucks supporting TGAF for Summer 2025

A big thank you to Heart of Bucks for providing a grant to TGAF to support our plans for summer 2025. Our goal is to support 19+ families impacted by poverty living in Buckinghamshire in summer 2025. The Heart of Bucks grant will go a long way in helping make this happen. Thank you.

Heart of Bucks is a community foundation that raises funds across Buckinghamshire to then distribute money directly to local causes. Heart of Bucks operate to ensure any form of philanthropy, whether from an individual or an organisation, is effective and brings the greatest benefit to those in need across Buckinghamshire. Since Heart of Bucks began in 2000, the charity has awarded over £13.5m to local causes and are proud to be one of 47 members of UK Community Foundations. May 2025

Tesco Stronger Starts supports Buckinghamshire Families

A massive thank you to Tesco Stronger Starts and their Gerrards Cross Store. Thanks to their kind donations we will be able to support more families impacted by poverty with holidays to create happy memories in 2024. Thank you - 13th May 2024

MK Community Foundation Supports TGAF

A massive thank you to Milton Keynes Community Foundation, who will be supporting The Getaway Foundation provide 16 holidays for families impacted by poverty in 2024.
The families are all referred to us by Milton Keynes City Council family support workers
This is amazing news for us. Thank you - Feb 2024

Supporting Partners Summer 2024

We are very pleased to confirm we will be working with Buckinghamshire Council, Luton Borough Council, Isle of Wight Councils and Milton Keynes City Council to provide Summer Holidays for families impacted by poverty in 2024. Our goal is to provide over 74 holidays in 2024, with all families referred to us by family support workers, social workers and charities working with our Council Partners (we do not take referrals directly). We look forward to creating more happy family memories in 2024. The holidays will be supported. by Parkdean Resorts and WightLink Ferries. January  2024

Stifel Europe support TGAF for 2024 Holidays

https://stifelinstitutional.com/global-coverage/europe/ . A big thanks to Stifel Europe who are supporting us to provide 2024 Summer holidays for families impacted by poverty. December 2023

Thank you Tesco Stronger Starts - Newport

A big thanks to all the customers from Tesco's Newport and Tesco Stronger Starts for supporting TGAF with funding towards transportation for families who do not have access to a car or families who can not afford the petrol to go on holiday. We have planned funding to provide 21 holidays for IOW families in 2024. All referred to us via IOW Councils family support services and schools.

Brilliant! - 16th November 2024

POSTCODE SOCIETY TRUST - Supports IOW Families for Summer 2024

We are very pleased to announce that the POSTCODE SOCIETY TRUST will be supporting TGAF for Summer 2024 and IOW families, They will be funding another 3 holiday places and our goal is to provide over 21 holidays for families impacted by poverty living on the IOW for summer 2024 - Great News - 31st October 2023

WightAid Cheque Presentation 

Wight Aid generously donated £8,500 to seven impactful Isle of Wight charities or organisations   Let's celebrate these fantastic initiatives and support our local community!   https://lnkd.in/e5d6Q6Pd - A big thank you to WightAid - Including £5601 to TGAF - Sept 2023

Great News for us - Wightlink is to renew its support for The Getaway Foundation - Thank you Wightlink

 Aa charity which provides much-needed holidays for families living in poverty.

Since 2021, the foundation has arranged holidays for more than 50 Isle of Wight families, with Wightlink providing free of charge ferry travel. The foundation works closely with the Isle of Wight Council which refers deserving families which it knows are experiencing financial hardship.

This year, 20 Isle of Wight families have been away thanks to the foundation, with holidays taking place on the Island and in Norfolk, Dorset, Suffolk and Kent.

Feedback from families has been very positive:

“Watching the children so full of happiness just filled my heart with so much joy. You really have given us a priceless gift.”

"Thank you for making this happen for us, it has been a really challenging and traumatic year for us so far and the holiday has given us all something to hold on and look forward to. I can’t put into words how very grateful I am.”

“Thank you for the incredible memories, relaxation, and the opportunity to re-charge, spend time together and enjoy a family holiday. Your support made having a holiday possible, accessible and took away all the financial pressure, anxiety and logistical challenges that have stopped us being able to go on holiday as a family of three.”

Peter Tebbutt, Getaway Foundation Chief Executive, says: “The foundation was created to help families living in poverty make positive memories with their children through family holidays.  Wightlink’s continued support has allowed us to help even more families on the Island, for which we are very grateful.”

Wightlink’s Commercial Director Phil Delaney says: “We are proud to work with The Getaway Foundation and delighted to extend our support into 2024 so that more Isle of Wight families can be given the opportunity to take a much-needed break with their loved ones.”

Find out more about the work of the Getaway Foundation here: https://www.thegetawayfoundation.com/

Thank you again Wightlink - September 2023

Thank You Tesco Luton

The Getaway Foundation - Food for The Getaway Foundation Luton Family Holidays. A big thanks to Tesco Luton and their customers for providing us with £1000 to Luton families which will go towards Food and activity vouchers for summer 2024. Thank you! August 2023

WightAid Supporting TGAF and the IOW

Amazing news - The WightAid Foundation are supporting us again for families living on the Isle of Wight for summer 2024. The grant will enable us to support families impacted by poverty with family holidays to create long-term family memories. August 2023

A Big Thanks to the Shanly Foundation

We are very grateful for the amazing support and grant from the Shanly Foundation - https://www.shanlyfoundation.com who have given us a grant to support young carers and families with teenagers in Buckinghamshire for 2024. Thank you so much. August 2023

Working in Partnership with Buckinghamshire Council - 29th June

We have now delivered over 66 holidays with Buckinghamshire Councils Family support team. A big thank you to them and all the team. Always nice to get positive and supportive feedback our our ability to support families impacted by poverty as a charity

Tesco Ground Works - Support TGAF

A big thanks to Tesco Ground Works who have provided us £500 from Aylesbury / Tring store to help support families with activities and food vouchers for their holidays in 2023. Their support is amazing. We would also like to thank the Princes Risborough Store for their support. Summer 2023 we will provided 21 family holidays for families living in Buckinghamshire. June 2023.

Priceless - 72 Holidays Booked YTD for 2023 

mWe have booked 72 holidays for 2023 YTD - From: 15 Milton Keynes, 16 Luton, 21 Bucks and 20 from the IOW, helping over 300 people and 225+ Children under 18 impacted by the Cost of Living Crisis and Poverty.

“Watching the children so full of happiness just filled my heart with so much joy. You really have given us a priceless gift”. 4th June 2023 Family Feedback

Thank you everyone who supports us - Priceless
The picture is of Scoops @ Parkdean Resorts - Family having ice cream...June 2023

Parkdean Resorts Sandford Added to TGAF Holiday Resort Choice

We are on plan to provide over 70 Summer holidays in 2023. As part of our holidays provision we have added Parkdean Resorts Sandford. Situated in Dorset near to Poole, Sandford offers a woodland setting with easy access to the the Dorset coastline and a great facilities for the families to enjoy May 2023

Support for 2023 Holidays

Good news - we have started booking holidays for 2023 working with Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, Luton and Isle of Wight Councils Social Services and Family Support teams. 

We are very pleased to announce that the Peter Harrison Foundation Trust and Project Spark will be working with us to support a number of families with Teenagers with a holiday (living in Milton Keynes, support the MK Council STEP initiative (Support for Teenagers and Empowering Parents). 

We are also being supported by grants from Tesco Ground Works supporting us from stores on the Isle of Wight and within Buckinghamshire to support food vouchers for families on holiday, enabling families to enjoy their holidays without the impact of food poverty. 
Finally we have been given a generous donation from Buckingham Roundtable to help provide travel and holiday support for a family living near to Buckingham; we will work with Buckinghamshire Social Services for this  family referral. November 2022

The Steel Charitable Trust Partner with TGAF to support families living in Luton

Amazing. The Steel Charitable Trust have provided The Getaway Foundation with a grant to expand the number of holidays and families we can support for families living in Luton and Bedfordshire from 8 to 15. In 2022, we provided our first 8 family holidays working with Luton Borough Council. With this grant we will be able to create even more positive family memories in 2023. Thank you and good news.

The WightAid Foundation  - Supports More Holidays for 2023 - July 2022

We are very grateful for The WightAid Foundations ongoing support for The Getaway Foundation. They have donated funding to support 3 families for 2023, including transportation (48% of the families we support do not have access to a car) Accommodation and vouchers for Food and Activities. This is amazing and will go directly to supporting more families from the Isle of Wight.

100+ Holidays now booked

May 2022 - We would like to say thank you to all our supporting partners and friends. We have now booked over 100 holidays since the foundation of the charity. Helping families create happy memories from Bucks, MK, Luton and the IOW. Supporting families impacted by poverty and economic crisis. Thank you so much

The Bucks Masonic Centenary Fund - Supports Family Holiday Transport 22nd December

We are very grateful to announce a donation from the Bucks Masonic Centenary Fund towards the cost of holiday transportation for families who do not have access to a car. The Getaway Foundation in planning to provide over 40 family holidays in 2022 for disadvantaged families in Buckinghamshire, helping over 200 people. 45% of they families we support,  typically will not have access to car. The donation from the Bucks Masonic Centenary Fund will enable us to remove this major poverty barrier for the families so they can create happy family memories on holiday.

STIFEL Europe - Support TGAF And Family Welcome Packs - 9th December

A big thanks to the charity and social responsibility team from STIFEL Europe. They will be supporting TGAF with a donation to provide food welcome packs for families on holidays and also help children have experiences and activities on holiday. Helping over 60 families in 2022. Thank you so much. An example of a company having a great Social Responsibility Strategy

Shanly Foundation supports Local Buckinghamshire Families with summer 2022 holidays

November 2021 We are very pleased to share with you that the Shanly Foundation are supporting The Getaway Foundation. The Shanly Foundation will help fund transport and holidays for families based in Buckinghamshire, referred to us by Buckingham Council for summer 2022. The Shanly Foundation supports causes that help individuals and benefit the local community, including support for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, the homeless, those with mental health issues and people with physical disabilities, injury or life limiting illness. Working with the Shanly Foundation, aligns with The Getaway Foundation aim to support and help local families in Buckinghamshire create happy family memories via UK seaside holidays.

XPO Logistics Support TGAF

20th July 2021. A big thank you to XPO Logistics who have provided us with a generous donation to enable us to support and provide more families with holidays to create happy family memories in 2022.

WightAid Foundation Supports TGAF

14th June: Really pleased to announce that the WightAid Foundation is supporting the Charity by providing funding to support transportation cost for families who don't have a car from the Ferry Terminal to the holiday resort and also enable us to provide some additional holidays for 2022. Great news.

Booked our first family holidays for 2021 - Dec 2020

Working with our partners - Isle of Wight Council, Milton Keynes Council and Buckinghamshire Council we have booked our first family holidays  for families impacted by poverty. Through Parkdean Resort, we have booked 14 family holidays for 2021. After almost 12 months of COVID, the charity is actually achieving its prime mission. Looking forward to creating happy family holiday memories in  summer 2021

Partnering with Parkdean Resorts for 2021

We are pleased to announce we will be working with Parkdean Resorts in 2021 to provide seaside holidays for our referred families. 

Providing Bikes for Young People on the Isle of Wight and in Milton Keynes

We have been proud to work with Halfords, Isle of Wight Council and Milton Keynes Council to provide 50 bikes, safety hats and security locks for young people impacted by COVID 19.

Foundation’s funding for vital school equipment enabling children to continue learning during Covid19 crisis 16th April - Our First Press - Moment to be Proud


Press Release - 24th April - Helping Families in Milton Keynes with Milton Keynes Child Services - 

We are please to help Milton Keynes Council

7th April 2020 - Hello - please share - https://www.thegetawayfoundation.com/support-for-families-impacted-by-coronavirus. We are now working with Milton Keynes Council to give families and children in Milton Keynes grants to support them whilst impacted by Coronavirus. Thank you to the child services team in Milton Keynes for supporting your families during this time.

We are pleased to help Sir Thomas Fremantle School - Winslow

1st April 2020. We know there are a lot of people in need at the moment impacted by Coronavirus. Today we started helping and giving back by donating 12 Chromebooks to STFS. Stay safer and keep isolating

We are Operational and helping Families impacting by Coronavirus

27th March 2020. Out of bad situations... you can find the good. After 3 months, we are fully operational. Today we helped our first organisation to provide 12 Chromebooks to support families with kids working at home due to Coronavirus. Big thanks to all the people who have supported TGAF so far. Don't worry... will will be supporting family holidays as soon as we can... post Coronavirus.


The amazing news is that The Getaway Foundation became a registered charity in January 2020. Watch this space for exciting news on our family supporters and holiday providers. We plan to launch in March 2020 

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