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Partnering with Parkdean Resorts for 2021

We are pleased to announce we will be working with Parkdean Resorts in 2021 to provide seaside holidays for our referred families. 

Providing Bikes for Young People on the Isle of Wight and in Milton Keynes

We have been proud to work with Halfords, Isle of Wight Council and Milton Keynes Council to provide 50 bikes, safety hats and security locks for young people impacted by COVID 19.

Foundation’s funding for vital school equipment enabling children to continue learning during Covid19 crisis 16th April - Our First Press - Moment to be Proud


Press Release - 24th April - Helping Families in Milton Keynes with Milton Keynes Child Services - 

We are please to help Milton Keynes Council

7th April 2020 - Hello - please share - https://www.thegetawayfoundation.com/support-for-families-impacted-by-coronavirus. We are now working with Milton Keynes Council to give families and children in Milton Keynes grants to support them whilst impacted by Coronavirus. Thank you to the child services team in Milton Keynes for supporting your families during this time.

We are pleased to help Sir Thomas Fremantle School - Winslow

1st April 2020. We know there are a lot of people in need at the moment impacted by Coronavirus. Today we started helping and giving back by donating 12 Chromebooks to STFS. Stay safer and keep isolating

We are Operational and helping Families impacting by Coronavirus

27th March 2020. Out of bad situations... you can find the good. After 3 months, we are fully operational. Today we helped our first organisation to provide 12 Chromebooks to support families with kids working at home due to Coronavirus. Big thanks to all the people who have supported TGAF so far. Don't worry... will will be supporting family holidays as soon as we can... post Coronavirus.


The amazing news is that The Getaway Foundation became a registered charity in January 2020. Watch this space for exciting news on our family supporters and holiday providers. We plan to launch in March 2020 

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