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Family and Community Support Partners

We work in close partnership with local social services as a support and referral partners, including Milton Keynes Council, Luton Borough Council, Buckinghamshire Council and Isle of Wight Council. The role of the family supporter partner includes:
  • Provide the referral
  • Help the family through the application
  • Act as liaison between the family and The Getaway Foundation
  • Help the family create positive memories
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As part of our work we also align with other charities to make sure we maximise our combined efforts to support families impacted by poverty, examples include The WightAid Foundation and The Steel Charitable Trust who support our charities work.

Thank you to Buckinghamshire Council

We have now delivered over 66 holidays with Buckinghamshire Councils Family support team. A big thank you to them and all the team. Always nice to get positive and supportive feedback our our ability to support families impacted by poverty as a charity.

Community Support and Charity Partners

As well as working with social services, we are keen to align and work with other local charities to support families in poverty. We are lucky to support and work with the YMCA on the Isle of Wight and feel very grateful for the support of the WightAid Foundation for 2021 and 2022. We have also been awarded a grant from the Shanly Foundation to support families in Buckinghamshire and from the BMCF to support the cost of family holiday transportation for families in Buckinghamshire. We have also been aware a grant from The Steel Charitable Trust to increase the number of holiday we can support for families living in Luton 

Local Charity Community Support

Corporate Social Responsibility Partners

We are very luck to be supported by businesses who want to support local communities and families to create happy family memories on holiday. These include XPO Logistics and STIFEL Europe. Thank you. This is a great way to enable employees to feel they are adding extra value and for customers to see the wider benefit your company provides. We have also had support from Tesco Groundworks grants